For Ahmad Mohsen, change is inherent to life. “As human beings, I believe we constantly develop, grow, and our minds change through this process.” The young Egyptian travel and food blogger turned this concept into reality at every stage of his life. Having studied mechanical engineering then architecture for 8 years, he decided to change career paths after 9 months of working. “I wanted to do something different. I think it is normal, after so many years, to want new things.”

Delving into digital marketing, Ahmad later decided to make it all about content creation and sharing his life experiences through his blog. “Since I was 12 years old, I had always been recording my experiences, through voice recordings, pictures on the first camera phones, and videos. Documenting my trips had always been a part of my adventures.” For the father of a 2-year-old, blogging is also a way to leave a legacy to his daughter and to himself! “I forget a lot. But, with one single picture, I can remember the whole day. So, when I am older and weak, I know going back to those videos will bring life back to me.”

Ahmad also loves the difference his blog makes in his community. “During lockdown, I got so many messages of people who were finding happiness again through my travel videos. I also heard from people who decided to take the step of traveling after years of not daring to. To me, this is huge!” This personal and community driven purpose is at the core of Ahmad’s work, which has slowly shifted to sustainable and local tourism because “why not start from the inside: Egypt!”

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