Ihssane is one of the most influential Arab social media figures, having spoken at a number of world summits about sustainability, youth empowerment and racism. She uses her platforms to empower fellow youth to ‘change lives’.

“I never gave up on my childhood dream of being a TV broadcaster. But, seeing the impact I could have on other young people’s lives, I realised that social media could be my platform too.”

Ihssane Ben Alluche is one of the most influential social media figures in the Arab world, with more than 3.2 million followers on Instagram. Despite that fame, the 24-year-old is nothing short of approachable and humble. “The messages I receive from people keep me grounded. They sometimes make me cry because they are so powerful. To me, what matters is not fame, but that youth start trusting themselves and using their power to create change.”

The young woman has become a key actor in global youth events, speaking at the World Government Summit, the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week and the African Union, among others. She also started an opportunity sharing platform on Instagram, Net3awnu, or ‘let’s help each other’ in Arabic where she shares any opportunity she comes across with her followers.

“People, especially youth, are just scared, like I was when I first started. But they should try. Because I am the proof that we can change a lot of lives when we keep trying.”

Ihsane’s journey as a young hijabi influencer has made her an advocate for youth empowerment. “That is my priority”, she stresses, citing the backlash she initially faced when talking about stereotypes and racism on her platforms.

“It is so crazy to see how far I have come. When I started on Youtube, all I wanted was to overcome my shyness in front of the camera!”

“As a young person, you have a lot of power but we are often wasting our time. Look for your power, trust yourself and find a way to create your change.”
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