“Out of adversity comes opportunity”. Nothing could be truer in the life of Mohammed Zaid, a 21-year-old Libyan content creator and founder of Lybotics, a company engaging young students in the field of robotics and STEM education. “It all started from a dark reality. Back in 2019 when the second Libyan civil war started, I was a high school student but could barely attend any classes. Education was a disaster, with months onwards without school.” Aware of his natural proficiency in mathematics, the young man decided to help his fellow learners by publishing educational videos online. On the day of its release, the first video hit 300K views, up to 600K views the day before the exam!

For Zaid, these videos are a way to help young Libyans regain their future, just like his organisation, Lybotics, which counts more than 1000 high-school students in 17 cities across Libya. Started three years ago with only 14 boys and girls, the organisation has grown to become a driving force in the educational sphere. It has gained the support of the Ministry of Education and many sponsors, eager to invest in the promising future of these children. “Through all my platforms, I want to keep promoting not just education but also peace, inclusion and unity because this is what Libya truly needs.” Whilst Mohammed joined the EU Goodwill Ambassador programme later than his peers, he says the exposure it gave him was “a game changer”. “It really helps us to retain sponsors and increase our legitimacy towards new stakeholders and potential partners.”

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