Nour Brahimi is an Algerian travel vlogger who uses her trips to inspire fellow women to step into the unknown. With more than 1 million followers across social media, she is one of the top 100 influential young Africans.

At only 29 years old, Nour Brahimi has already traveled more than she can count. The young blogger from Blida (south-west of Algiers) began her journey five years ago, after dropping out of her studies in fundamental physics.

“I had started making decent money through a side project I had established, and I decided to use it to travel,” Nour recalls. “Because I am the youngest of my siblings, my family was worried, so I told my mum to come with me on my first trip.”

Eventually, the fierce young woman became her very own brand, with more than one million followers across all social media platforms. “I really wanted to step away from the typical make-up and beauty blogging trends perpetuated by female Arab bloggers. Certainly, it was not easy, and I face a lot of backlashes, especially compared to male bloggers. But that won’t stop me.”

Most of Nour’s work is centered around women, and their ability to pursue their dream, be it traveling or anything else. Leading by example, she does that by speaking at international conferences, delivering content creation courses, and organising group travels with other women.

“I am so happy and proud to see the changes some of my followers have made in their life. This really makes all of these efforts worth it.”

As an EU Goodwill Ambassador, Nour shares opportunities and news that can help her followers further expand their horizon … in Algeria or elsewhere!

I strongly believe in the law of attraction: we create our own opportunities by believing in things. Ultimately, “He who believes he can and he who believes he can’t are both right