Rebecca Yammine brings humourous videos to her followers with the aim of promoting youth empowerment and self-love while combating cyber bullying

Bubbly and always laughing, 19-year-old Rebecca Yammine is the friend everyone would love to have. “When I was younger, I struggled with socialising and I did not have any friends so now, with my videos, I want people to never feel alone like that.”

The young Lebanese said she was inspired by fellow Tiktokers who used to “make her feel better and understood” so, when the chance came to her to do the same, she did not hesitate. “I want my followers to feel understood and loved, and to know that we are all a community here for one another.”

Rebecca started her influencer journey at only 12 years old, a risky path at that age. She remembers how difficult it was for her entourage to believe in her. “But when they saw the number of messages I was receiving and how it had become a real money making activity not just a hobby, everything switched.

At such a young age, being exposed on social media was not easy though, and Rebecca says she had to deal with a lot of cyber bullying. “After the rough start, it actually made me stronger, because now I just live my life, share my content, and don’t mind negative opinions.” This is the attitude she tries to convey to her followers, with whom she shares messages of empowerment, self-love and compassion.

“The more you speak, the more you can make an impact: so, if I post pictures of myself with stretch marks, pimples, or whatever is seen as ‘imperfections’ but still show that I love myself, then people will start loving themselves too.”

Far from being far stretched, Rebecca’s dream remains humble: to keep making people laugh and be happy, and to always bring positivity and comfort into their lives. “I share my ups and downs. I don’t want to flex, I am still a teenager with problems but it is all about the positive mindset you have towards them.”

There is hope because WE ARE the hope. Our generation is the next hope of Lebanon and of the entire world. We have the power to change things. Just keep the desire to do so alive!”
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