Meet Mariam Solika, a vibrant 24-year-old Egyptian with an insatiable appetite for spreading happiness.



Two years ago, she created the media channel “The Good News”, as a beacon of positivity and hope during the challenging times of COVID-19. “Every day we were bombarded with news stories about a new variant and more deaths so I thought, why not look at the positive side of things for a moment?” Mariam remembers. “It did not mean to ignore the harsh realities but rather to celebrate the small moments of triumph, kindness, and resilience”.


Mariam began collecting uplifting stories, posting short videos and reels on social media to spread her positive content.


“The Good News” still faced its share of challenges though, as Mariam recognises that “good news doesn’t sell as much as sensational stories do.” But, armed with her creativity and infectious smile, she turned the tide.


Beyond spreading positivity, “The Good News” also seeks to empower Arab youth by promoting various opportunities within the region. Through the network she developed during the Young Arab Media Leaders programme and the EU-funded Youth4Regions programme, Mariam has been collaborating with like-minded individuals to share opportunities and encourage young talent.


Her dream for “The Good News” is now to expand it into an independent platform with its own journalists, serving as the authentic source for positive stories. The young creator’s passion for making a difference shines through as she continues to seek and share stories that check off her unique checklist of good news – stories that induce hope, inspire, and make a lasting impact.


Pushing people to “have an eye for the positive in all aspects of life”, Mariam Solika remains an empathetic communicator, a bearer of good news and a youth empowerment mobiliser – shining a light of hope for the world.


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"You are not alone in your struggles. Despite the challenges, embrace the power of positive thinking and remember, you have the ability to create meaningful change in the world around you."
Youth4Regions is a European Commission programme that supports journalism students and young journalists in exploring the EU's activities in their region. It offers various benefits, including journalism training, mentorship and collaboration with renowned journalists, visits to EU affairs media headquarters and institutions, and the opportunity to participate as journalists in European Commission press trips to Member States

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