Algeria : The EU-cofunded Support Programme to the Justice Sector takes stock of carried out and future activities

February 4, 2020
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The fifth meeting of the Steering and Strategic Direction Committee of the Support Programme to the Justice Sector (PASJA), co-funded by the EU and Algeria, was held on 28 January. This programme offers important opportunities for the magistrates and other legal practitioners to train, reflect and exchange in order to contribute to the modernisation of the sector and to make it more efficient and effective.

The meeting enabled to take stock of the situation on the activities carried out by the main technical assistance and its working plan for the coming months. The participants discussed the follow-up to be given to the recommendations made by the mid-term assessment mission which took place in October 2019.

It was agreed on the opportunity to allocate the necessary resources to favour the access to justice for the most vulnerable groups: women victims of violence, minors and people with disabilities. Indeed, the dialogue with the associations is vital to complete PASJA’s mission: bring justice closer to citizens.


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