Algeria: EU-supported SHAREK programme gives more visibility to youth associations

November 21, 2019
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The EU-supported SIDRA association has launched in the framework of SHAREK programme a digital civic platform devoted to the Algerian youth and youth associations in Algeria. The web platform has been online since 28 September.

The digital platform aims at reinforcing the local youth and national associations giving them access to a range of digital information resources on community life. The platform will help value the diversity of the national community life, give more visibility to the associations and allow them to develop a collective dynamic and facilitate their exchanges.

SHAREK is a national program for the development of Algerian youth initiated by the SIDRA association. Launched in 2017, the program strengthens youth organizations in different provinces of the country so that they can play their role as active participants in local and national development. The program strengthens collaboration and dialogue among youth associations and between them and local authorities in Algeria.

The SIDRA association is a youth association of the province of Algiers. Its main objective is to promote the effective citizen participation of young women and men as actors of sustainable development in Algeria. It is an organization supported by young people and which develops projects for the benefit of young people.


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