Cairo becomes 30th participant in fast-growing EBRD Green Cities

July 30, 2019
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The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development’s (EBRD) fast-expanding €1 billion urban sustainability programme, EBRD Green Cities, has reached a new milestone by signing the Egyptian capital, Cairo, as its 30th participant. Cities account for 70 per cent of energy use and 80 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions in the world, and represent a big opportunity to tackle climate change and environmental degradation. The EBRD Green Cities family is ever growing with the ambition being 100.

All participants in EBRD Green Cities embark on a trigger project to improve their local environment then, with EBRD help, work on a Green City Action Plan (GCAP) to create a tailor-made list of further environmental investments and policy changes most suitable to address their environmental challenges.

Cairo’s planned trigger project supports the city governor General Khaled AbdelAal’s ambitious vision to modernise and transform the Cairo Transport Authority, the largest transport company in Africa, into an energy efficient company. Cairo will invest in new electric buses and introduce an electronic ticketing system. The EBRD will also support the company to develop a low carbon road map.


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