CyberSouth conducts study visit of specialized units on cybercrime in Lebanon

May 9, 2018
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A study visit is being conducted in Lebanon this week in the framework of the EU-funded CyberSouth project. The aim of this activity would be to assess and have a better overview of the current cybercrime capabilities of Internal Security Forces (ISF) in Lebanon regarding specialized training needs, human resources and unit structure, investigative skills and procedures, national and international cooperation.

Cyber division of the Internal Security Forces (ISF) in Lebanon carries out numerous investigations and forensic analysis in the country and in this respect support is needed in order to have the necessary resources and to comply with international standards.

Upon the conclusion of the activity, the short-term experts in conjunction with ISF officials will identify priority areas of cooperation and follow up activities.

CyberSouth is a joint project of the European Union and the Council of Europe. It contributes to the prevention and control of cybercrime and other offences involving electronic evidence in the region of the Southern Neighbourhood, in line with international human rights and rule of law standards and good practices.


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Countries covered:

  • Lebanon
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