Egypt: EU supports solid waste management investment programme in four governorates

January 16, 2017
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The Egyptian National Solid Waste Management Programme investment component, funded by the EU, was launched last Thursday in Cairo. The EU support, worth EUR 20 million, will address some of the pressing issues in the sector by supporting concrete actions. The other EUR 41 million will be provided by the KFW, German Technical Cooperation (GIZ) and Swiss Cooperation and the Government of Egypt.

The ‘National Solid Waste Management Programme’, contains a comprehensive set of measures ranging from institutional reform and development of policy and legislation, to investment programming and implementation, professional capacity development, improving services and facilities in four pilot governorates of Kafr El-Sheikh, Gharbeia, Assiut and Qena.
The action aims to provide a significant contribution to the sustainable protection of the environment, to protect natural resources and to reduce health risks for the population of Egypt. The envisaged actions include construction and rehabilitation of solid waste management facilities such as recycling, composting plants, transfer stations, landfills, other solid waste infrastructure required for an integrated waste management system. The programme will also support the closure and rehabilitation of existing uncontrolled dumpsites.
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