Egyptian and Portuguese regulators debate challenges and solutions for natural gas market liberalisation

April 23, 2018
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In the context of its key role to support energy regulatory authorities in the Southern Mediterranean, MEDREG facilitated the organisation of a technical study visit between the newly established Egyptian gas regulatory authority (GasReg), and Portugal’s regulatory authority (ERSE), to address regulatory experiences regarding liberalisation of gas markets. The study visit, which took place in Lisbon on 17 April, was financed by the European Commission, under an instrument called Technical Assistance and Information Exchange (TAIEX).

Composed of the Executive Chairman, Mr. Karem Mahmoud, and three colleagues, the GasReg delegation learnt from ERSE experts about Portugal’s experience in opening up its gas markets, focusing on the handling of legacy contracts, the opportunities to align market liberalisation with price reform, the eligibility of consumers and the practical implementation of the liberalisation process.

Welcoming his Egyptian peers, Mr. Alexandre Santos, MEDREG President and ERSE Board Member, stated: “Following the two previous technical workshops organised by MEDREG for GasReg, this study visit is an invaluable occasion to exchange experiences in person. The gas sector is relatively young in Portugal, so we are pleased to share our recent knowhow with GasReg as a way to support the liberalisation of its gas market.”

GasReg and ERSE colleagues held lively and concrete discussions on how the Egyptian market can evolve towards a liberalised and cost-effective framework, exchanging in particular on the elements that should be considered when developing a tariff methodology for non-discriminatory network access.

After the workshop, Mr. Karem Mahmoud declared: “This sharing of experience has made us more equipped to accompany and sustain the transition towards an open and efficient gas market. Thanks to the rich exchange we had with ERSE today, we know the pitfalls to avoid and some key principles to follow for a smooth liberalisation of our gas market in Egypt.”


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