EU-funded INTERNISA in Lebanon bridges women´s digital gap in the labour market

June 21, 2023
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The Beirut Chamber of Commerce organised a two-day workshop for policymakers within the EU-funded project INTERNISA. Workshops brought together public sector employees, NGO representatives, and private sector institutions.


The primary focus of the workshop was to address the objectives of the INTERNISA project, which aimed to enhance the digital skills of young women and increase female employment by bridging the gap between labour market supply and demand. Distinguished speakers, renowned for their academic and administrative expertise, actively participated in the workshop, contributing to its overall success. Each expert, in their respective fields, shed light on various aspects of the project and its broader societal impact, with a particular emphasis on its effects on women.


During the workshop, the attendees also discussed strategies for leveraging and developing the project to ensure its long-term sustainability. All participants expressed their agreement on the significance of the INTERNISA project and its alignment with the goals of their respective organizations and institutions.


Particular attention was given to the digital platform created by the project, which serves as a hub for connecting employers with female job seekers. Additionally, it provides a wide range of information sources and free training courses on digitalization, occupations, and the labour market. The platform was widely regarded as a valuable tool for facilitating employment opportunities and empowering women in the digital sphere.

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Countries covered:

  • Lebanon