EU-funded MAIA-TAQA project to implement innovative wastewater treatment plant in Lebanon

August 26, 2021
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Within MAIA TAQA project, a pilot project consisting of a construction of a Waste Water Treatment Plant for the the Industrial Research Institute (IRI) building will be installed in Lebanon.

The proposed plant aims to have an efficient system with the best quality for price ratio, an innovative technology for treatment, monitoring of treated water & valorisation of sludge and a large potential of application in local context.

This pilot action will provide an excellent opportunity for testing the technology under real life conditions and provide the infrastructure for collaboration between local Universities and MAIA-TAQA international partners. The project is expected to be completed during fall 2021.

The MAIA-TAQA project gathers 8 partners from 6 countries, namely Greece, Italy, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and Spain, and aims at promoting innovative resource efficiency services in the Mediterranean SMEs through the enhancement of their technical and management capacities.

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Countries covered:

  • Lebanon