EU-funded MedSNAIL organises an awareness-raising event on the importance of healthy eating

June 7, 2023
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The University of Sfax team, Tunisian partner of MedSNAIL, participated in the activity of the itinerant and public library in Kerkennah within the framework of the celebration of the Month of Heritagein partnership with the Al-Majarra Association and the student of the nursery school Ennokhba in Kerkennah.


During this event, the team of MedSNAIL in Tunisia had the opportunity to lead an educational workshop on raising children’ awareness on the importance of healthy eating and giving them the tools to make good decisions about food.


No less than 20 children benefited from these  workshops on healthy, local and sustainable food set up as part of the partnership between MedSNAIL project, the itinerant and public library in Kerkennah and the nursery school Ennokhba in El Ramla Kerkennah.


Raising awareness from an early age, offering the opportunity to experiment and discover locally produced products in a different way is a real challenge for the world of tomorrow: small seeds sown for a better future.


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Countries covered:

  • Tunisia