EU-funded MoreThanAJob workshop in Jordan

February 28, 2023
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Mutah University (MU), one of the Jordanian parnter of MoreThanAJob, organised a workshop at Tafila Technical University. The aim of this workshop was to present the outcomes and the results of the sub-grantees and the final version of the national policy in the field of unemployment and education in Jordan.

Several public authorities attended the workshop in addition to the NGOs and parliament members with a total of 30 attendees. MU staff presented the conducted activities and obtained objectives of the MoreThanAJob project in term of supporting poor and low-income families, improving the economic situation of poor families, employing unemployed young people and to reduce the unemployment rate in the town and to find job opportunities for them. As a result, more than 14 families were supported by initiating a job for women and young people in a dairy product factory in addition to the more than 55 individual who might start their own business in the coming future.

Comprehensive discussion was carried out and all attendees became inspired by the success stories in the projects such as the family who initiated their own business in the dairy product and the replicated on the challenges they faced during the implementation of project activities.

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Countries covered:

  • Jordan