EU-funded PROSIM project to install drip irrigation systems in Balqa, Jordan

April 14, 2022
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PROSIM project’s partner, National Agriculture Research Centre (NARC) launched a tender on March 20, 2022 for the installation of drip irrigation systems, in green houses and in open field in Balqa (Jordan). The 31st of March 2022, was the final day for receiving the offers. The equipment will serve 35 farmers and cover a total area of 15.5 hectares.

The drip irrigation system is one of the 9 innovative solutions proposed by PROSIM project to improve water use efficiency and it will be implemented with conventional and non-conventional water in Jordan, Tunisia, Spain, and Italy.

PROSIM project brings innovative solutions combining water use efficiency and NCW and build local capacities to adopt/upscale them. Cross-border capacity building and roadmaps and plans for improved water management based on project results will be carried out while enhancing public-private cooperation will be fostered together with investments for the adoption/upscale of the proposed solutions.

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