EU provides €13 million to East Jerusalem Hospitals

October 24, 2017
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The EU provided €13 million to help East Jerusalem Hospitals maintain critical medical services to Palestinians.

The EU supports the East Jerusalem Hospitals Network to stay open and continue providing essential care to thousands of patients from the West Bank and Gaza. These Hospitals are among the few remaining functional Palestinian institutions in East Jerusalem.

The East Jerusalem Hospitals face endemic cash flow problems which put in jeopardy their operations. The EU was among the donors who responded since 2012 with regular contributions that have reached over €90 million. The EU response reflects the great importance we place on the services provided by the East Jerusalem Hospitals to all Palestinian people, including from Gaza and the West Bank. The hospitals are an integral part of the Palestinian healthcare system providing specialized services that cannot be found elsewhere.

“The EU is committed to supporting East Jerusalem Hospitals Network. It goes unquestioned that the EU is concerned about the wellbeing of Palestinians. We, therefore, work hand in hand to sustain and maintain access to medical services by all Palestinians,” said the EU Representative Ralph Tarraf. “It is imperative that East Jerusalem institutions are kept viable. This is essential to the building of a future independent Palestinian State in which citizens enjoy access to guaranteed medical services,” he added.


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