EUPOL COPPS Boosts Palestinian Civil Police Capabilities with New Laptops and Desktops

June 19, 2024
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EUPOL COPPS Mission delivered this week 12 laptops and 12 desktops to the Palestinian Civil Police (PCP) to further enhance internal communication and coordination between the operation rooms in the 11 West Bank Districts and the central operations room in Ramallah.
Given the restrictions on movement within the West Bank where the Palestinian Authority exercise partial control over the territory, PCP officers face significant challenges in travelling between districts which hinder the exchange of crucial information.
The provision of these laptops and desktops will address this pressing need by improving internal communication and coordination across the West Bank’s operation rooms, thereby ensuring more efficient and effective operations. The new equipment will help the PCP reach citizens in more efficient and timely manner and better comply with the needs of the people they serve.
The latest delivery to the PCP Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Department would help in maintaining, upgrading and developing integrated, sustainable and self-sufficient ICT systems.
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