EUPOL COPPS empowers Palestinian Women in the Judiciary in conflict situations

June 12, 2024
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EUPOL COPPS organized a two-day retreat “Empowering Palestinian Women in the Judiciary in conflict situations”. The event hosted Palestinian female lawyers, judges, prosecutors and representatives from the Palestinian Anti-Corruption Commission, with visiting panel-experts, both online and in-person, including judges from Spain, West-Sahara and the Palestinian religious courts.



The two-day event intended to address the unique challenges faced by female lawyers, enhance the Palestinian Female Leadership Network, and to discuss women’s situation in conflict, with an emphasis on gender responsive reforms, women empowerment and leadership. It was the right forum to discuss the current situation of Palestinian women in the justice sector, raising the voice for equality and access to justice for everyone. It was introduced the survey that EUPOL COPPS conducted last September in different districts in the West Bank to figure out the main challenges that female lawyers face with.



It was a unique opportunity to have the presence of motivated women ready to lead a change in Justice, promoting respect for human rights , work together and support each other to achieve improvements in the administration of justice.

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Countries covered:

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