European Union and Jusoor Centre award prizes of the Erth Contest to support creative sector in Libya

August 31, 2018
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​The closing ceremony of the EU funded project ”Culture Links: Celebrating Libya’s Creativity” took place in Tunis on August 30th, as part of EU efforts to promote art and culture as a tool for reconciliation in Libya. During the event, the jury awarded the prize of 3000 euros to Khalifa El-Bashbash for his project “History of Libya.”

The project aims to promote cultural diversity, peace, tolerance and social cohesion among Libyans and promote the image of Libya in the world through changing the narrative about Libya. Moreover the project promotes the concept of creative economy to support sustainable cultural activities in Libya,

The 10 finalists were selected to attend a bootcamp in Tunis on creative entrepreneurship during which they learned how to use art as a tool in peace building followed by a training on marketing digital and how to use technology to promote art and culture. In the closing ceremony the finalists presented their cultural ideas and products to the wider audience. A jury composed by Libyans and EU officials selected the best projects. 


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