EU’s MEDREG discusses ways to improve dissemination of its activities and achievements

March 19, 2018
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Meeting in Milan on 13 March 2018 back-to-back with the Institutional Working Group, the Communication Officers (COs) Network brainstormed on how to improve MEDREG’s internal and external communication and learnt about the publications and communication activities planned for the two next years.

Following last year’s adoption of MEDREG’s communication strategy, the COs took stoke of the progress in its implementation and made suggestions to pursue the efforts undertaken. They collectively agreed to open a Twitter account and to further promote MEDREG’s press releases at national level.

In addition, based on a satisfactory survey submitted to and completed by the COs, several proposals were put forward to improve the internal communication between MEDREG and the COs members. Looking forward, COs will receive a monthly email keeping them abreast of MEDREG’s ongoing activities; Members should receive automatic updates informing them of the website additions and uploads in a systematic way; and enjoy a clearer organisation of the publications and working groups’ working documents in the members’ area.

Some COs also suggested taking the opportunity of General Assemblies to organise side events on a topic of joint interest for various members, such as the presentation of case study from a member.

MEDREG, which benefits from the European Union’s financial support, brings together 25 regulators from 21 countries, spanning the European Union (EU), the Balkans and North Africa. Mediterranean regulators work together to promote greater harmonization of the regional energy markets and legislations, seeking progressive market integration in the Euro-Mediterranean basin. Through constant cooperation and information exchange among members, MEDREG aims at fostering consumer rights, energy efficiency, infrastructure investment and development, based on secure, safe, cost-effective and environmentally sustainable energy systems.

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