The first Active Training Project on “Gender” at the EUNAVFOR Med Command Headquarters of Operation “Sophia”

September 19, 2018
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From 10 to 14 September 2018, the first Project of Comparative Training on the theme “Gender” organized by the Operation Command took place at the EUNAVFOR Med Operation Sophia Headquarters in Rome. 

The Project, the first of its genre, marked the participation of Libyan Navy and Coast Guard personnel, selected in according with specific skills by the Libyan Authorities, as Trainees and a specialized Team on the subject of “Gender” composed of personnel belong to the EUNAVFOR Med Headquarters, within which there is a specific section “Gender Issues Advisor” 

The objective of the Pilot-Project was to train the Libyan personnel involved who, thanks to the skills acquired, from Trainees have become trainers in the “Gender” field; this has been possible through the four-day module held by the ENAVFORMED personnel who, in the future, will accompany and support the Libyans on Gender issues as Tutors.The activities were concluded with the delivery of an important qualification certificate to the Libyans by Rear Admiral  (UH) Enrico Credendino, EUNAVFOR Med Operation Commander.  


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Countries covered:

  • Libya