Green Hydrogen Lebanon Camp: From Theory to Action

July 2, 2024
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Unlocking Potential with Online GH2 Summer School during August 2024 (Online) & & Hackathon on Tuesday, September 17, 2024, Beirut

BEIRUT, LEBANON – June 28th, 2024. Under the patronage of the Ministry of Energy and Water (MEW), the Lebanese Center for Energy Conservation (LCEC) and the European Union funded Mediterranean Green Electrons and Molecules Network (MED-GEM) proudly present the “Green Hydrogen Lebanon Camp: From Theory to Action.” This pioneering program combines an intensive online training on Power-to-X (PtX) technologies with a 24-hour Hackathon focused on renewable energy and green hydrogen solutions for Lebanon. Targeting 20 selected students enrolled in master’s or engineering programs, or affiliated as Ph.D. candidates in energy, environment, chemical engineering, or related fields, this initiative aims to foster awareness and innovation in sustainable energy.


From Theory… August, Online Summer School “Renewable & Power-to-X Basic Training”

In August 2024, participants will undertake the “Power-to-X Training: Renewable Power-to-X Basic Training” online. Developed by the International PtX Hub and PtX.Academy, this course explores PtX technologies’ principles and applications. Participants will gain comprehensive knowledge and practical skills essential for addressing Lebanon’s renewable energy challenges and contributing actively to the upcoming Hackathon.


To Action… Sept. 17th Hackathon on Renewable Energy and Green Hydrogen

Following the online training, participants will convene for the Green Hydrogen Hackathon on Tuesday, September 17, 2024, in Beirut. Working in 4 teams of 5, participants will develop innovative solutions tailored to Lebanon’s green hydrogen and renewable energy sectors, focusing on infrastructure, industry, and regulatory frameworks. The top team will present their solution at the Beirut Energy Week (BEW) 2024 opening ceremony on September 19, 2024, and receive prizes to support their project.

Countries covered:

  • Lebanon