The International Centre for Migration Policy Development and Jordan sign Seat Agreement

January 10, 2019
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On 9 January 2018, Jordan and the International Center for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) signed a Seat Agreement as an acknowledgement of the friendly relations between both parties, which will serve to deepen cooperation. It further allows ICMPD to increase its operational capacity in Jordan.

Jordan and ICMPD are long-standing partners in the field of migration governance. ICMPD has been cooperating with Jordan over the last twenty years and operating in Amman since 2016. A number of programmes in areas such as migration governance, trafficking in human beings, migration and development, border management and others have been carried out and coordinated from the Jordan office ever since.

ICMPD is an international organisation with 17 Member States, a mission in Brussels and regional offices and representatives throughout Europe, Northern Africa, the Middle East and Latin America. Its purpose is to promote innovative, comprehensive and sustainable migration policies and to function as a service exchange mechanism for governments and organisations. It receives funding from its Member States, the European Commission, the UN and other multilateral institutions, as well as bilateral donors. ;


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