MED-QUAD establishes cooperation with Palestinian entities for the SWUAP living lab

September 27, 2021
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On 9 September 2021, the partner of the MED-QUAD project, Palestine Polytechnic University, has conducted technical and awareness field visits within the framework of the project work plan to establish the required cooperation environment for the Smart Water Use Applications (SWUAP) lab activities.

Τhe first visit was to the water management department at the Hebron Municipality. At the same time, the second visit was to Al-Ragabi farm. The meeting with the owner took place at the farm to establish cooperation within the framework of the SWUAP Lab activities related to water quality in agriculture use.  

The MED-QUAD project aims to nurture the innovation potential of the regions, by building up a cross- border cooperation scheme of the Quadruple Innovation Helix. The main actors are the universities which will improve their capacity to be and act as “civic universities” in cooperation with the cities to which they belong as “anchor” Institutions together with the socio-economic stakeholders and the citizens. 

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