MED TEST III: Industrial resource efficiency introduced to members of academia in Jordan

September 28, 2020
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Mid-September, 20 professors and doctors from six Jordanian universities took part in a four-day online-training “Resource Efficiency in Industry“ organized by the Royal Scientific Society (RSS). As part of the SwitchMed / MED TEST III project, the training gave members of Jordan’s academia an introduction on the tools of a Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) and certification on the UNIDO TEST methodology.

The uptake of RECP in the curricular of academia is part of the scaling-up actions from the MED TEST III project that aims to enable resource efficiency as a common practice for Jordanian industries.

So far, eight companies, located in Irbid, Sahab, Zarqa and Qastal (six from the chemical sector and two from the plastic sector) have signed an agreement to undertake pilot demonstrations under the MED TEST III project, and 11 service providers (eight men and three women) have been selected for implementing the TEST assessment in the food & beverage sector.

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