MED4EBM in Jordan signed an agreement with Touristic Glass Bottom Boats Society

September 12, 2023
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In the framework of MED4EBM project (Mediterranean Forum for Applied Ecosystem-Based Management) and emphasizing the project’s objectives of enhancing local communities’ contribution, the Lead Beneficiary of the Project, UNDP Jordan Country Office, signed an agreement on Sunday September 3rd 2023 with Aqaba Touristic Glass Bottom Boats Society جمعيه القوارب الزجاجيه السياحيه العقبةto conduct a Glass Bottom Boats Site Seeing Management Data Gathering Campaign during the period September 03rd – October 02nd 2023.


The Society represents about 200 glass bottom boats owners and operators who will actively participate for the first time in collecting field data concerning underwater glass bottom boats site seeing in Aqaba, Jordan.

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Countries covered:

  • Jordan