Meet the YEP MED Talent participants from Lebanon

April 24, 2023
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From 24th–30th May 2023, Lebanese trainees graduated from the YEP MED courses will travel to Spain and Italy for a great opportunity for their professional future. The five trainees were selected based on specific criteria related to their profiles, performances during the training, and individual motivational videos they submitted. A jury of professionals and tutors from the Escola Europea, lead partner of the YEP MED project, carried out the selection process.

In these very dire days that are still hitting the Lebanese population and in particular its youth future, an access to international training, standards and certification in the maritime field is a glance of hope made possible by the Beirut Chamber of Commerce.

The YEP MED Talent course combines theoretical classes, practical visits , workshops and collaborative work in teams. Young trainees from Spain, Italy, France, Tunisia, Jordan, Egypt, and Lebanon – participating countries – will take part in this training. After the course, interviews and behavioral tests will take place to help the graduates obtain professional assessments.

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Countries covered:

  • Lebanon