New Morocco-EU institutional Twinning to reinforce gender equality in public policies

April 20, 2018
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An institutional Twinning on the “Reinforcement of the process of gender responsive budgeting” has been launched today in Morocco. This Twinning falls within the framework of the programme “Réussir le statut avancé” which is part of the partnership between Morocco and the European Union. The launching workshop was held held in presence of several senior officials of the Moroccan and French administrations.

This EU-funded six-month institutional Twinning has a budget of 250,000 euros. It takes the form of a cooperation between the Centre of Excellence of gender responsive budgeting of the Moroccan ministry of Economy and Finances and the French State Secretariat in charge of gender equality, the French Directorate-General of social cohesion and the French agency of international technical expertise, “Expertise France”, which will mobilize 13 European experts.

The Twinning’s general objective is to promote gender equality in the light of the acquis requirements and the European best practices while contributing to the implementation of gender responsive budgeting in the planning and the programming of the ministerial departments.

The expected results are the following:

– Building institutional capacities of the Centre of Excellence of gender responsive budgeting;

– Establishing a dialogue and exchanges on the integration of gender responsive budgeting within the process of Moroccan budgeting;

– Supporting the foreshadowing ministerial departments.


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