Newest Circular Business Models on discussions in Tunisia

November 15, 2023
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BIC Euronova participates in Tunisia in the final event of the European project Cluster4Green, of which it is a partner and whose objective is the development of the circular economy in Mediterranean countries. 


During the meeting, all the actions carried out as a basis for the objective of the aforementioned European project were addressed, which is to establish sustainable models based on the concept of circular economy and the capitalization of previous projects. Circular Business Models that describe the logic of how an organization creates, offers and delivers value to all stakeholders, while maximizing social benefits and the regeneration of natural ecosystems. This is exactly the approach that the Cluster4Green project will take when transferring knowledge and coaching skills in the Mediterranean area.


During the closing event held in Tunis, the awareness-raising and training programs, as well as the business modeling approach, which have been prepared for two years by the project partners, were presented and discussed. Cluster4Green’s awareness campaigns are expected to boost institutional capacity and cooperation among SMEs, while the training program (training, mentoring and coaching for SMEs) aims to increase the business community’s knowledge of business models. circular economy business and its application.

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Countries covered:

  • Egypt
  • Jordan
  • Lebanon
  • Tunisia