ORGANIC ECOSYSTEM in Jordan: Organic MSMEs actively involved in local laboratories

September 21, 2022
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The Jordan Ministry of Agriculture, together with the Jordanian Fruit and Vegetable Exporters and Producers Association (JEPA), launched the local laboratories on August 16, 2022, which is the first phase of the Business Alliance objective, with four organic operators from different fields of the organic sector including plant production, processing, organic fertilizers and export, and in collaboration with Alhalat Developing c.o.

This activity is within the activities of the project “Boosting the Cross-border Organic Ecosystem by increasing agri-food alliances“. The local laboratories will cover different topics by specialized experts and proceed individually with each operator, in order to find solutions and develop a final demonstration.

Local laboratories are physical and open spaces where actors of the innovative organic value chain (MSMEs, innovators, researchers) can interact in a cross-contamination process in order to generate joint solutions favoring “user-driven innovations” and market requirements.

Countries covered:

  • Jordan