Palestine: EU provides EUR 14 million to East Jerusalem Hospitals

August 24, 2016
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The EU and the Government of Finland have joined forces to provide EUR 14 million to help East Jerusalem Hospitals maintain critical medical services to Palestinians. The contribution, channelled through the EU’s PEGASE mechanism, will help to cover part of outstanding costs of referrals of patients for treatment to East Jerusalem Hospitals by the Palestinian Ministry of Health.

Since 2012, the EU and its Member States have made available over EU 80 million to help relieve the financial burden facing the six hospitals of the East Jerusalem Hospitals network. This amount has helped to cover a substantial part of the costs of referral of Palestinian patients for medical treatment to East Jerusalem hospitals by the Palestinian Ministry of Health. Thanks to this support, hospital facilities have remained open and continued providing essential care to thousands of patients from the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. (EU Neighbourhood Info)
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