Promoting social entrepreneurs exchange and development: EU project organises bootcamp in Algeria

December 14, 2016
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A total of 24 participants from Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia took part in the second of three Social Entrepreneurship Bootcamps, organised by the EU-funded project Social Entrepreneurs Exchange & Development in the EuroMed (SEED EURO-MED) in Mostaganem, Algeria, on 8-11 December 2016.
Besides the bootcampers, the event gathered two local trainers, a bootcamp leader from Portugal, and two experienced social entrepreneurs from France and the United Kingdom. On the last day of the bootcamp, 15 business mentors were available for one-to-one meetings with the bootcampers. A dedicated mentoring session for the 15 Algerian participants was organised on Monday 12 December.
In six groups, participants of the bootcamp developed a solution for a societal problem which they are passionate about. At the end of the programme, they presented their social venture with an inspiring pitch to a critical jury in the Chamber of Commerce of Mostaganem. The winners presented a project called STAY for youth in North Africa, encouraging them to remain in their home country to contribute to its social and economic development. Other societal problems the teams worked on included food waste and social exclusion of single mothers.
The next and last Social Entrepreneurship SEED EURO-MED Bootcamp will be from 2-5 February 2017 in Morocco.
SEED EURO-MED, a programme funded by the European Commission for the promotion of (social) entrepreneurship in North Africa and the European Union, facilitates exchanges between aspiring or new entrepreneurs and more experienced entrepreneurs in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and the European Union. Besides the exchanges, the project organises three Social Entrepreneurship Bootcamps in Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco.
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Countries covered:

  • Algeria
  • Morocco
  • Tunisia