Remarks by HR/VP Federica Mogherini upon arrival to the Foreign Affairs Council

May 13, 2019
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First I will start with a bilateral meeting with the Prime Minister of Libya [Fayez al-] Sarraj. Libya is the main point on our Foreign Affairs Council agenda today. We will also hear from the United Nations Special Representative [for Libya] Ghassan Salamé about the latest developments in Libya and, most of all, discuss how the European Union and the Member States can help the United Nations to reconvene all the different parties inside Libya for a political process and, most importantly, to agree on a ceasefire to stop the fighting in the country.

But first this morning, after the meeting with [Fayez al-] Sarraj, we will start with our Eastern Partnership 10th Anniversary celebrations. We will host the Foreign Ministers of our six partners and then tonight, as you know, President [of the European Council, Donald] Tusk hosts a dinner with the leaders here and tomorrow President [of the European Commission, Jean-Claude] Juncker will have – together with me – a high level conference to celebrate these ten years of partnership that has managed to advance ordinary citizens’ lives for good in each of the six partners, but also in the European Union we value this partnership enormously.

Notwithstanding difficulties and problems that we still face in the region, our partnership has managed to bring forward our common work on trade, economic development, human rights, the role of civil society, visa liberalisation and on many other fields.

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