RESMYLE welcomes its first intake of eco-volunteers in Lebanon and Tunisia

August 1, 2022
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ENI CBC Med Programme

RESMYLE eco-volunteering missions are designed for young NEETs to spend 3-months in another partner country (France, Italy, Tunisia, Lebanon and Jordan) with local environmental organisations (RESMYLE project partners or others) to help them gain valuable hands-on experience, spend time in a different country and culture and play a key role in delivering a project that benefits the local community.

Mu’nis Makhadmah, from Jordan, and Hamada Amine Ben Fraj from Tunisia have been with the Lebanese partner, Association for Development of Rural Capacities, since 1 June. They are based at the Econitia eco incubator in Tyre and, under the supervision of qualified professionals, have a special task of providing support to the young eco-entrepreneurs on design and creative thinking, helping with materials and answering minor questions.

young Jordanian, Hazem Mansy, has also just begun his RESMYLE eco-volunteering mission with one of our Tunisian partners, the Association Relative à l’Éducation à l’Énvironnement.

RESMYLE project aims to rethink the employment and social integration of Mediterranean youth through sustainable development. It mobilises 9 Mediterranean operators (cooperatives, associations, universities) in 5 countries (France, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon and Tunisia).

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Countries covered:

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