Results of the WEF – CAP Capitalization conference in Egypt

July 25, 2023
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In a significant step towards promoting collaboration and driving innovation in the Water-Energy-Food ecosystem (WEFe) Nexus domain, the Capitalization Conference organised by WEF – CAP, hosted many projects and, in particular, 26 PRIMA funded projects.


The Multi-stakeholder Capitalization Conference, themed “Fostering cooperation, tech transfer, and evidence-based policy formation for innovation-driven growth in WEF Nexus Projects,” was set to be a landmark gathering of experts, researchers, and stakeholders.


The event presented an unparalleled opportunity for many projects to convene, fostering knowledge exchange, collaboration, and the sharing of valuable insights and experiences.


Over the course of two days, participants engaged in panel discussions, interactive sessions, and workshops, exploring innovative approaches, emerging technologies, and policy frameworks that drive growth and sustainability within WEF Nexus projects.


Additionally, the event showcased successful case studies, highlighting the tangible impact of these initiatives on the water, energy, and food sectors in the region.

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Countries covered:

  • Egypt