The EU, Denmark and the Palestinian Authority inaugurate a vital drinking water project in Area C near Hebron

June 19, 2023
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The European Union, the Danish Government, and the Palestinian Authority jointly inaugurated an elevated water tank and a main water transmission line in the village of Ar Ramadin, located in the south Hebron hills.

This crucial project, supported by a funding of €550,000 from the European Union and Denmark, included the construction of a 500 cubic meters elevated water tank and the installation of a 1,000-meter water transmission line. It will help in alleviating the challenges faced by more than 7,000 local residents who have been enduring water scarcity and inadequate sanitary conditions.


‘’Access to safe drinking water and sanitation is a fundamental human right. Palestinians living in Area C face many challenges, in particular in accessing water for personal and domestic use. This project marks an important milestone towards increasing Palestinians access to clean drinking water in Area C in south Hebron hills. Safeguarding water and the environment is key towards sustainable development and ensuring a better future for all Palestinians against the backdrop of climate change,’’ said the EU Head of Cooperation Ibrahim Laafia. “The EU remains committed to invest into socio-economic projects in Area C, projects like the ones we inaugurated today which will help bring a positive change to the lives of Palestinian families in this area,” he added.

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