The EU provides €10 million for the Palestinian Authority payment of January salaries

February 8, 2023
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The European Union has provided a contribution of €10 million to help the Palestinian Authority pay the January salaries and pensions of its civil servants, notably in the health and education sectors in the West Bank.

The European Union support will help the Palestinian Authority to meet part of its commitments towards Palestinian civil servants, as it continues to face a very challenging fiscal situation. This is mainly the result of the prolonged economic crisis in the occupied Palestinian territory which is clearly exacerbated by Israel’s deductions of Palestinian customs revenues.

The €10 million contribution is provided by the European Union and targets civil servants working in the sectors of health and education in the West Bank, as well as pensioners. This payment will also create fiscal space to help the Palestinian Authority honor its commitment to poor Palestinian families with respect to the social allowances planned for February.

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