Together for enhanced security: EU Delegation organises aviation security workshop in Lebanon

April 4, 2017
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The EU Delegation to Lebanon organised, on 3 and 4 April, a workshop on Aviation Security at the Civil Aviation Safety Centre in close cooperation with the Ministry of Public Works and Transport, and the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities. The objective of the workshop is to exchange expertise and insights on the security threats that civil aviation is facing, including with regards to regulations and international standards.

The workshop brought together representatives of the aviation security sector, namely the Civil Aviation General Directorate of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport, the Rafic Hariri International Airport’s Security, EU Member States’ aviation security departments and the European Civil Aviation Conference.

The aviation security workshop is one of various support measures funded by the EU in the framework of the EU-Lebanon dialogue on aviation security, ranging from exchange of experts in cargo security and training of border-control officers in document security, to study visits to European airports.

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