Tunisia: Winners of the Lina Ben Mhenni prize for Freedom of Expression 2022

December 15, 2022
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The jury of the Lina Ben Mhenni prize for Freedom of Expression, awarded by the European Union Delegation in Tunisia, announced the winners of the third edition on Tuesday 13 December. They are:

  • First prize: Issa Ziadia for his article La frontière serbe: l’espoir renouvelé des jeunes de Tataouine (The Serbian border: the new hope of Tataouine’s youth)
  • Second prize: Sana Adouni for her article تجميد البويضات في تونس: حين تسلب الدولة من النساء حقهنّ في الأمومة
  • Joint third prize: Mabrouka Khedir for her article

ضحايا التصيّد الإلكتروني في تونس… مجتمع يدين وقانون يجّرم لكن لا يحمي! et Bahira Ouji for her article تونس: تغييب حق الموقوف في “الفحص الطبي” يقتل

The jury stated that there was an excellent response to this year’s competition, both in terms of quality and quantity. Choosing the winners was difficult due to the nature of the subjects tackled in the articles and their professionalism.

The EU ambassador, Marcus Cornaro, stated that “this free, politically-engaged and high-quality journalism is exactly what we aim to support with the Lina prize”, adding that “freedom of expression and access to independent, trustworthy information is one of the pillars of our democracies. Without it, there can be no real, viable democratic life”.

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