Twinning project launched to support Moroccan Court of Auditors

October 19, 2017
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The EU-funded Twinning project has officially been launched to support the Court of Auditors in Morocco. The two-year twinning project takes the form of cooperation between the Moroccan Court of Auditors, the French Court of Auditors and the British National Audit Office. More than 50 French and British experts will be mobilised to help their Moroccan counterparts acquire international best practices.

The twinning covers three areas: certification of government accounts, monitoring of the implementation of finance laws, and performance auditing and evaluation of programmes and public policies.

The project runs until February 2019 and is carried out within the framework of the ‘HAKAMA’ (public governance) programme funded by the European Union to the tune of €1.2 million, and managed by the Moroccan Ministry of Economy and Finance.

European twinning arrangements are designed as a means of providing public expertise from EU Member States to a public administration in the beneficiary country.


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