U-SOLVE and MED QUAD create an impact on digitalization and urban sustainable development

August 17, 2023
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The groundbreaking collaboration between MED QUAD and U-SOLVE, 2 projects funded by ENI CBC MED programme, has profoundly transformed urban development by redefining digitalization and sustainable practices. This partnership showcases innovation, collaboration, and a dedication to positive change. Through the convergence of MED QUAD’s visionary digitalization approach and U-SOLVE’s focus on entrepreneurial sustainable development, a paradigm shift has been ignited, leaving an enduring impact on the urban landscape.


The partnership has been instrumental for the City Development Group (CDG), a pioneering entity in urban transformation. CDG’s exclusive training journey into the intricacies of MED QUAD and U-SOLVE methodologies revealed the potential of innovative approaches and synergistic efforts in shaping the future of urban development. MED QUAD’s holistic approach, uniting academia, industry, government, and civil society to pioneer digitalization, dismantled barriers and promoted collaborative problem-solving for sustainable urban strategies. Conversely, U-SOLVE’s emphasis on infusing entrepreneurship into sustainable practices aligned with modern urban needs, resulting in thriving hubs of innovation, economic growth, and environmental stewardship.


In conclusion, the journey of MED QUAD and U-SOLVE stands as a testament to collaboration’s potential in shaping the urban development future. The CDG’s exclusive training marked the inception of an era where innovation, sustainability, and entrepreneurship converged to redefine global cityscapes. This partnership’s influence extends beyond infrastructure changes, fostering a collective shift towards a sustainable and digitally integrated mindset. As this transformative chapter comes to a close, the enduring legacy etched by MED QUAD and U-SOLVE in urban development history is eagerly awaited.

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