UfM urban projects aim to raise living standards in the Mediterranean region

October 2, 2017
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The Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) is promoting an action-oriented urban agenda in the southern Mediterranean region, the UfM said in a press release to mark World Habitat Day today. The UfM’s urban agenda was agreed by Ministers in charge of housing, municipal affairs and urban development from the 43 Member States at the 2nd Ministerial Conference on Sustainable Urban Development held in Cairo last May.

This conference also saw the launch of the UfM-labelled Imbaba Urban Upgrading Project, which aims to positively impact over 2 million people living in one of the most populated urban areas in the Giza Governorate in Egypt. Currently the UfM has a total of five urban development projects, including Imbaba’s. All these projects are expected to improve the living conditions of over 7 million people in Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Palestine and Turkey.

Currently 60% of the Mediterranean’s population is living in urban areas. With one of the fastest urbanisation rates worldwide, the region’s urban population is expected to increase by an additional 22.5 million by 2030 due to persistent rural-urban migrations and endogenous urban growth. Mediterranean cities are also experiencing high vulnerability to the effects of climate change such as water scarcity, droughts, forest fires and heat waves.


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