UfM Workshops on rules of origin schemes to government, private sector and other relevant stakeholders in Algeria

July 18, 2023
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The UfM with the support of the German Development Cooperation organised two workshops for Government and Private Sector stakeholders respectively in Algiers, each consisting of a basic course on Rules of Origin, transitional rules as well as information on specific Harmonized System Codes for the respective industries under the most pertinent agreements, including through training exercises.


The workshops encompassed a training module for responsible staff officers from the Government with a more extensive conceptual and legal focus on the concept of rules of origin, in order to facilitate the stakeholder consultation process when conducting trade negotiations. In addition, rules of origin handbooks were developed, and specific coaching sessions were organized for the Government and private sector stakeholders in Algeria on the practical use of these handbooks.


The two workshops brought together a total of 80+ participants from the Algerian Government and from the Private Sector over two successive days. The trainings were structured in a way that flowed from the basic rules of origin concepts to the more specific concepts of the Pan-Euro-Mediterranean Convention and its relation to both preferential and transitory rules of origin.

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Countries covered:

  • Algeria