The winner of the National Energy Globe Award Palestine 2018 is the Switcher H2O Farm!

June 7, 2018
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The EU-funded SwitchMed project is proud to announce their Switcher H2O Farm as the winner of the National Energy Globe Award Palestine 2018.

The founder of the H2O Farm project is Basel Amarna. He stumbled across hydroponics when he was an agronomy student at the Palestine Technical University – Kadoorie, Amarna. It was a new agricultural technique to him — and, at the time, to Palestine.

Basel’s goal was to build agricultural resilience in Palestine. After years of experimentation, studying and challenges, his project is now a successful one. The process involves the integration of hydroponic unit, an aquaponics unit, a pilot plant for wastewater treatment and a composter.

Today, H2O Farm is a 340-square-meter operation, which produces 8,000 plants monthly.

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