YEPMED: 27 young Lebanese people discover port logistics

November 30, 2022
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27 Lebanese young men and women showed interest and engagement in shaping their blue skills in port logistics arena and improved their employability, with the goal of getting better job opportunities in the sector.

The course provides training in the field of international shipments and, specifically, the management of the administrative processes of shipments, including customs procedures. It is a highly specialized vocational training course dedicated exclusively to the so-called ‘NEETs’ (Young people Not in Employment, Education or Training) and women.

The educational activities were free of charge and took place remotely through the appropriate software called “Click & Cargo”, thanks to which international shipments were simulated as part of the training.

Participants were able to discover the different phases that define an international contractual agreement, formulating offers, identifying the rules and insurances on international shipments, and filling in the documents necessary to manage international commercial contracts

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Countries covered:

  • Lebanon