Design, installation, and commissioning and 2 years operation of an on-grid- solar PV system – Egypt, ENI CBC MED MAIA TAQA Project

Opportunity type : Calls for Tenders
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The purpose of this tender is the implementation of the Egyptian pilot project that aims to introduce innovative resource efficient services to the MED region, as described in the MAIA TAQA application form: Three different pilot projects, in Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan, shall apply different RE technologies implemented in different conditions.
In each one of the 3 pilot territories, the partners will install innovative utilities in the main RE sectors: energy, water and waste, able to improve the environment performance of one/more SMEs.
The pilot project in Egypt, consistent with the Project Application Form, has been defined taking into account the priorities of the Egyptian power system emerged during a preliminary evaluation phase. A PV system operating in parallel to the utility network will supply the Ameria Wholesale Market located in Alexandria. The PV system size, assessed on the basis of the electricity demand and peak load of the Market, are clearly defined jointly with its operating electrical scheme. The expected benefits related to the pilot in terms of primary energy savings and greater energy efficiency for the national power system as well as the reduction of electricity service costs for the Market are outlined. The replicability of the pilot at national level is assessed with the aim to provide a reference for the market evaluation of the correlated RE services.

Countries covered:

  • Egypt