First International Iter Vitis and Phoenicians’ Route awards

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Support and reward projects and innovation for the enhancement of cultural and oenological heritage and the promotion of responsible, experiential, creative and sustainable tourism.

An important international award is born from the collaboration of two important and historic Cultural Routes certified by the Council of Europe, The Phoenicians’ Route and Iter Vitis. The award aims to support and reward projects and innovation in the field of enhancing the cultural and wine heritage, promoting responsible, creative, experiential and sustainable forms of tourism in the member countries of the two international networks.
Many partners involved in the event, including the Women of Marble National Association, the ENI CBC MED CROSSDEV project and others.
The awards are for different categories of subjects.
Each year the local authorities of tourism, cultural and oenological destinations will be awarded as well as personalities, young people and operators, organizations and businesses, whose activities have allowed the development of models of enhancement in the cultural, wine, social and tourism fields.

The categories to be awarded
For the first edition the following categories will be awarded:

For Iter Vitis
Best Practice of Archaeobotanical Tourism
Most original practice of wine tourism
Best crossborder wine tourism product
Most innovative wine museum
Paolo Benvenuti Award for the safeguard of ancients and autochthonous grapes

For The Phoenicians’ Route 
Innovative and creative enhancement of a cultural / archaeological site
Innovative and creative enhancement of an Archaeological Museum
Enhancement of underwater archaeological sites
Innovative Soft mobility cultural tourism practice
Nautical and cultural tourism activities, for innovative and creative enhancement
Innovative and creative enhancement activity carried out by an association
Innovative and creative enhancement activity carried out by a company

Best practices of innovative and creative enhancement carried out in the field of communication (sub-categories: journalism, literature, television, web, social networks)

Best practices of innovative and creative enhancement carried out in the context of research

Special Award for the personality who has distinguished himself/herself for his/her activity in the archaeological, cultural and enhancement fields

For both Cultural Routes
Best innovative and creative enhancement activity carried out in a location – destination that combines archaeology and oenology

Finally, the CROSSDEV Award, in collaboration with the CROSSDEV project
1) The best practice that involves local communities in the development of a sustainable cultural / archaeological / gastronomic or naturalistic tourism product
2) The best practice implemented by a local authority for the promotion of sustainable tourism in its area

The evaluation criteria will be as follows:
1. Relevance of the link with the tangible, intangible heritage
2. Quality and transferability
3. Sustainability (at an economic, social and environmental level)
4. Attractiveness of visitors and travellers to lesser-known destinations
5. Innovation (artistic, digital, etc.)
6. Involvement of the local community and all audiences (universal accessibility)

Countries covered:

  • Algeria
  • Egypt
  • Israel
  • Jordan
  • Lebanon
  • Libya
  • Morocco
  • Palestine *
  • Syria *
  • Tunisia
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