Local Governance/ Civil Society Experts Pool, Libya

Opportunity type : Job Opportunities
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CILG-VNGI is currently updating and expanding its pool of Local Governance/ Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) expert CVs for use on upcoming projects in Libya.  We are looking for experienced, proven, successful Local Governance/ Civil Society experts for a wide range of potential tasks from providing regulatory advice to local governments and civil society organizations in Libya.
Potential future opportunities may be located in Tunisia or Libya, have short or long durations, and may require mobilization or travel on short notice, depending on the security situation in Libya.
Please note that this advertisement is not for a specific position or role, and candidates will not be immediately contacted after submitting a CV. CILG-VNGI does not commit to hiring anyone based on their CV submission. Successful applicants will enter into a pool of experts with CILG-VNGI that we will reference for future Local Governance/ Civil Society tasks.
Experts in the following fields are encouraged to submit CVs: • Decentralization  • Urban and Strategic planning and Management: • Governance Advisor • Accountability and Transparency • Services Delivery • Waste management • Public Spaces/ Landscape Management • Legal/ Constitutional Advisors • Economic development/ private sector • Energy/Sustainability • Finances • Geographic Information Systems management • IT/ web & software development • Organization’s management • Human resources development • Civil society in relationships with municipalities • Female Leadership • Youth Leadership • Mediation and Peacebuilding • Reconciliation

Countries covered:

  • Libya